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Commander is particularly suited for an all-terrain, all-round riding experience.

It can be used in two different configurations, i.e. with peak and visor for all-road use, or with visor and no peak on naked bikes or for on-road use.

All of the latest Airoh technologies come together in this model without rivals that ensures comfort and total protection, even in the most demanding situations.


It is the perfect helmet for all conditions, from long-distance travels to off-road adventures, it combines the comfort and protection of a full-face helmet with functionality, light weight, and air ventilation typical of off-road helmets


The Scorpion ADX-1 is an allroad system helmet that can be converted to a normal system helmet. Thanks to features such as an integrated sun visor, a large Pinlock and the fact that this ADX-1 is suitable for spectacle wearers makes it very complete.

If you’re in the mood for an adventurous ride, you can adjust your helmet completely, but if you’ve wanted to use the ADX-1 for residential traffic, that’s not a problem either, simply by removing the sun visor and that way you keep a tight aerodynamic helmet.

The inner lining is removable and thanks to the wide field of view you always have a good overview of what is happening all around you.